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Today I went to the Simsbury Farms pool with the Provenchers. We swam a lot and there was a water slide set up and it looked awesome but nobody wanted to go on it so I didn’t go on it. I am really excited for tomorrow cause we are going to 6 flags after practice with Meredith, Claire, Kaitlin, Sydney Urch, Kacie, Kaitlin Ravizza, her friend, Maddie, Mom, Maddie’s mom, Meredith’s mom, are all coming. It’s going to be so much fun because we are running so it’s going to be a nice cool down in the water park. I never have really gotten together with some of my teammates outside of practice so that will be a first. 


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4th of July

Today is the 4th of July and we are having a picnic at our house at 1 o’clock. Colin, Gavin, Auntie Erica, Uncle Bill, Auntie Susie, Great Grandma, Memere, Bob, Pepere, Barb, Auntie Jeanne, and Uncle Jimmy are coming. I am really excited! There is bad weather so if it starts raining again, we will have to inside and have a picnic in there. I helped Dad make potato salad this morning. We have a lot of food to put out. I Hope you have an amazing fourth of July!

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